Marc Raffray


Marc Raffray comes from Mauritian origins. He has lived in many parts of the world and as a result has a wide international background.

Mr. Raffray is a self-taught man. From his young age he has been drawn to painting. He started out by painting with any materials he could find, from chalk to charcoal to ink. Painting became a pivotal aspect of Marc’s life as he endured some difficult times in his life. In the time of darkness he turned towards art, in which he found refuge and the means of expression of everything he felt. Marc spent hours painting, as he himself describes how his hand would simply move by itself along the blank canvas. Over time Mr. Raffray established his unique style, art became a major part of his life and lead him out of darkness towards the light.

His paintings are multidimensional, each person finds their own interpretation. And in fact, there are unlimited versions of where your imagination can take you as you follow the lines.

Today Marc Raffray’s goal is to share his story of hope with people. To show that there’s always hope and to inspire others to connect to their light within even at the times of despair. He is a living proof of how art can help find ourselves and above all heal the heart through love.